Company Core Values

Having a set of core values is highly valuable to us because this essentially is our culture and supports our mission. Every decision that's made within the company filters through these beliefs. You can have absolute faith that everyone on our team embraces these identities on a daily basis. 



Free My Time Cleaning Core Values

To make a difference in our client’s lives and our employees lives - we all need to HELP EACH OTHER OUT! That only comes when our employees truly see value in the work they do. Our clients value the work being done and want to provide helpful feedback. We go above and beyond to make a difference and get a positive result! 


Free My Time Cleaning Core Values Quote

Being authentic, honest and trustworthy all fall under being ‘real’. No masks worn. Our employees can be themselves - with no need to pretend to be anything but who they truly are. Our ideal clients know we’re human beings who crave positive and constructive feedback. Our clients love to communicate with us and know it only strengthens our professional bond. 


Free My Time Cleaning Core Values Quote

We can’t become better people or improve as a company without being open to feedback, open to learning new things and being willing to change. Being open is about humility and being willing to see someone else’s point of view. 


Free My Time Cleaning Core Values Quote on Happiness

It’s pretty hard to be in a bad mood when you’re smiling and having fun. We want our clients smiling when they come back to their clean home and smiling because they feel valued and cared for. We want our employees smiling because they feel valued and appreciated and they truly enjoy what they do. We work with people who lift each other up and value gratitude. We encourage personal and professional growth.