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** IMPORTANT TO KNOW ** We are in this business to change your life for the long-term - so we only take on weekly and bi-weekly clients. Our niche is small homes under 1900 square feet, max 2 bathrooms. If that is YOU... then what are you waiting for!? Let's start the journey of FREEING YOUR TIME!

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Free My Time Cleaning

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Benefits Of A Clean Home

Reduces Allergies

Free my time cleaning - condo cleaning in Etobicoke

Having your home cleaned on a regular bi-weekly or weekly basis is the best way to ensure that dust and other pesky allergens are removed from your home. 

There are many types of allergens that can cause harm in your house, and by eliminating them, family members with asthma or respiratory problems will be able to breathe better and healthier.

Reduces Mold

Free my time cleaning - Bathroom cleaning in Etobicoke

By having your home cleaned routinely, you will be able to detect and treat any surface mold that may be occurring.  

Mold can be related to symptoms such as respiratory effects, headaches and other physical symptoms. Detecting this early on will definitely help out in the long run.


Free my time cleaning - kitchen cleaning in Etobicoke

We use diluted vinegar which kills household bacteria like salmonella (which is responsible for many food-borne infections and illnesses), E.coli, and other harmful parasites. 

Your kitchen can contain the most germs in your home, so cleaning this room on a regular basis will help protect you and your family from getting sick.

Stress Relief

Worried woman

We know that your normal work day can be stressful enough, so by coming home to a house that has been cleaned for you can dramatically reduce your overall stress. 

If you are feeling stressed when you come home because your home is messy and unorganized than maybe hiring us to clean on a regular basis is exactly what you need?

More Fun With Friends & Family

Happy people

Positive social gatherings with friends and family can lead to a happier, higher quality of life. When you have a clean home you have that feeling of “home pride”, in which you’re more likely to invite people over.

A Sense Of Calm


The outside world is crazy enough so why would you want to bring that into your home? 

When you live in a clean home you gain peace and tranquility from the outside world. Shut the front door and leave the chaos behind.