Rob Woodbine

Free My Time Cleaning Team Members

I moved over a dozen times in my lifetime so I was always the new guy everywhere I went. I think a dozen is way too much, unless we're talking donuts...mmm donuts!

I think having a little OCD is great in the right areas. I'm a super tidy person who loves everything to be organized and clean...guess that's why I ended up in the cleaning business, go figure! And yes, I'm that guy who has is underwear/sock drawer in complete order, don't you?

I love being in this industry because it allows me to be who I am and sets me up for instant success because of my quirky traits. Knowing that my clients are walking into a freshly cleaned home so they can just relax from a hard day of work, brings me such great joy! I've never had a more rewarding job in my life than what I do now.

I love my wife, work and hockey...and not always in that particular order, haha, just kidding babe! 

A BIG thanks to all our clients, without you I don't know where I would be #grateful :)

Ashley Woodbine

Free My Time Cleaning Team Members

My story starts in Peterborough, on a dairy farm.  An awesome childhood.  I learned about responsibility and the importance of a strong work ethic; not to mention I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty.  

After getting married to this handsome fellow to my right (your left)... we moved to Toronto for Rob's job, at the time.  Culture SHOCK!  I tried the corporate world and it discovered wasn't my 'thing'.  My parents always said I'd grow up to be my own boss one day.  It honestly never crossed my mind when I was younger - but they knew me best.  

My Mom was a home cleaner when I was growing up and I knew I could make a cleaning business work.   It all started in 2011.   In 2013 I convinced Rob to join me and the rest was history!  

I really have a passion for helping people.  Nothing motivates me more than knowing I've put a smile on our client's face when they walk through the door and see their clean home after a long day.  

Marie Louro

Free My Time Cleaning Team Members

So I’m a young 50 something mom of 4 who decided to go back into the workforce after almost 20 years of being home with my awesome kids. 

I have a wonderful, most of the time, husband and 2 adorable dogs who are the true loves of my life. Don’t feel bad for my husband though cause his true love is his classic Mercedes. That’s what happens when you’re married for over 30 years. 

Taking care of my family is very important to me. I like to read and write. My friends think I’m weird because I like cleaning and get a sense of satisfaction seeing something go from dirty to sparkling. 

When I started looking for work I knew I didn’t want to go back into the corporate world and I wanted to be in a happy and supportive environment where hard work is appreciated and, most importantly, people are held in high esteem.  

I was attracted to this job because of the core values and loved Ash and Rob when we met. All I can say is ... so far, so great!